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Human Trafficking and Slavery Policy Statement

October 2017/18
Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV are publishing this statement under the provision of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”). The Act requires businesses to state the actions they have taken during the financial year to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in their operations and supply chains.

In striving to improve conditions for all workers throughout our supply chain we recognise the importance of transparency from our suppliers.

We believe in partnership and actively engaging with not just our suppliers but with similar interested parties in other supply chains.

This statement refers to the financial year ending 31 September 2018.

Supply Chain Transparency Progress 2017/18

Communication with Suppliers

This year we have achieved some success and progress in communicating with all our suppliers the importance of adherence not only just to legislation in those countries but with agreement and support with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Our approved facilities have been contacted not just to read our policy and agree with it and to sign a Slavery and Human Trafficking Declaration but to actively audit their facilities.

Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV undertakes increased levels of due diligence on all proposed third parties prior to entering into agreement with them to ensure that those third parties connected to the Group conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the Act and to the highest ethical standards expected by Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV.

Training with Staff

We have also engaged with our own personnel and given them knowledge and training on the Modern Slavery Act and the importance of the Human Trafficking Statement, this has been provided to all core staff e.g. sales, procurement, HR. We are planning to widen this training to other associates and increase the awareness of the training.

Continued auditing of suppliers

Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV have continued to carry out announced SMETA type social audits on their supply chain in the Far East in accordance with Sedex 6.

Supply Chain Policy

The Group’s activities are not just UK based but Europe and the Rest of the World.

This year we achieved a turnover of £50 million and we envisage growth to continue and will provide additional resources to improve and mitigate our supply chain.

In total our markets continue to expand with increased growth in sales and our product portfolio developing now reaching a supply chain in over 20 countries. We make use of a manufacturing basis now approaching 180 production facilities, with a core of 30-35 main active partners.

Approved facilities are audited in accordance with SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) methodology using the principles of the ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative). Only approved auditors are used to carry out social audits who are accredited to IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors). Only Beeswift auditors are used to provide rigid consistency to the audit process.

Supplier Mapping

We are in the process of mapping out our first tier supply chain in order to identify particular risks which require attention. This will lead to an on-going program which will ensure our systems:-

Identify and access potential risk areas in our supply chains Mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in our supply chains Monitor potential risk areas in our supply chains Protect whistle blowers

Teams within Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV are working together to ensure this process is thorough and effective and once completed shall assess and mitigate any of those risks flagged.

We are working with all our suppliers to assist them in identifying any areas in their supply chains and to mitigate the risk of modern slavery occurring.

Going forward in 2019 and beyond:-
  • Continue to carry out SMETA type audits based on Sedex 6 for Tier 1 suppliers.
  • -
  • Encourage Tier 1 suppliers to join Sedex 6.
  • -
  • Close off existing non-compliances and successfully challenge observations for social audits with particular reference to dealing with the root cause.
  • -
  • Develop auditing training in the context of SMETA audits for stakeholders.
  • -
  • Investigate gender differences in the supply chain in the context of fair pay.
  • -
  • Monitor the working hours in Tier 1 suppliers.
We have produced a Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy, which reflects our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all business relationships. Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited, Beeswift BV’s policy is based on the principles of the ETI Based Code which is based on the International Labour Organisation.

The Group will continue to take specialist legal advice to ensure it is informed of any updates or changes to its obligations under the Act.

Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV are committed to upholding human rights and safety in our supply chain and we will be reviewing our progress and effectiveness in combatting slavery and human trafficking on a regular basis.

This Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement covers the following entities; Gerber Goldschmidt Group (UK) Limited, Beeswift Limited and Beeswift BV

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