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Retail Packaged Safety knives

Nsf Safety Bag Cutter Blue
Product Code: CBC-575

• Disposable
• Certified food safe by NSF
• Tape splitter
• Bag guide
• Point of sale packaging
• Pack of two

Single Edge Blades Blue
Product Code: CHB-10

• Retail Pack of 10 RB-009 Single Edged Razor blades (2x5 pack).
• For use with CSG-22 Metal Scraper
• Suitable for Euro hook display.

Auto Loading Utility Knife Yellow
Product Code: CQA-376

• Utility knife offers an autoloading design with a one-button blade change.
• Blade chamber includes five .025 blades and holds any standard utility blade.
• Utility knife features heavy-duty, die-cast metal with ergonomic rubber grip handle

Quick Open Utility Knife Yellow
Product Code: CQR-16

• Blunt safety tip blade prevents puncture wounds/damaged merchandise
• No tool blade change
• Powder coated finish
• Easy to use
• Form fitting handle
• Fits CUB-15 blades

Safety Spring Back Knife Orange
Product Code: CQS-21

• No tool blade change
• Powder coated finish
• Quick blade change
• Ergonomic comfort handle
• Safety TPR rubber grip
• Fits CUB-15 blades

• The CSB-38 is a 8 Point Snap-Off Replacement Blade.
• It fits all standard snap-off knives and includes 10 blades inside a reclosable plastic clamshell for easy storage
• Suitable for Euro hook display

• Contains 10 RB-009 blades (2 x 5 pack) in convenient reclosable plastic clamshell
• Made of High Carbon Steel
• 8 segments on each blade
• For use with CSG-22 Metal Scraper

• This heavy-duty scraper is formed from sheet metal with stiffening grooves to prevent twisting.
• The (RB-009 or RB-012)single edge razor blade, is super sharp and precision honed for smooth scraping.
• Suitable for Euro hook display

• Easy to use
• Form fitting handle
• Ultra sharp
• Precision double honed single edge blade
• Professional quality
• Fits CHB-10 blades

• Steel blade track
• Auto-locking
• Premium steel blades
• Uses standard snap blades
• Spare blade compartment
• Fits CSB-43 Blades

Standard Utility Blades Chrome
Product Code: CUB-15

• These long lasting, super sharp utility blades fit most standard utility knives.
• 2 Notches Sharp.
• For use with CQA-376, CQS-21 & CQR-16 Utility Knives.
• Suitable for Euro Hook display.

• Ultra sharp
• Professional quality
• .025 thickness for all purpose cutting
• 2 notch design
• Replacement blade for all Quick Blade® utility knives
• 5 blades per card

Retractable Utility Knife Grey
Product Code: CUK-26

• This die-cast utility knife is an all-around versatile tool.
• Durable and economical,
• It is a must for any tool boxes and for many cutting tasks.
• Re-coiling nylon cord clip
• Fits CUB-15 blades

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