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Beeswift Ethics


The impact on people, society, and the environment is the responsibility of every well run business. Here at Beeswift we take that responsibility very seriously. Over the years we have invested heavily in time, manpower, and resources to ensure that we live up to this responsibility. We do this in three ways: auditing; environmental policy; and packaging waste responsibilities.


Beeswift believe that a product's ethical DNA can only be produced by working with companies within the supply chain who have ethical and environmental credentials. One of the ways that we try to ensure this is through the auditing and inspecting of our supply base; this is carried out either by our own internal or IRCA accredited auditors.

The auditing and inspection process is based on the Ethical Trade Initiative Nine Principals Base Code: employment is freely chosen; freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected; working conditions are safe and hygienic; child labour shall not be used; living wages are paid; working hours are not excessive; no discrimination is practised; regular employment is provided; and no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

This process means that you, as our customer, can be sure in the knowledge that the products you purchase come from suppliers who practise ethical responsibility.

Environmental Policy

We understand our obligation to our employees with regard to protecting their health and safety. These obligations have been put into action in our Environmental Policy, which will help us to reduce the waste materials and educate our staff to be more environmentally friendly. We are committed to meeting its obligations under the Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste Regulations.

At Beeswift we proactively monitor and report the amount of packaging we handle and place on the market. Any packaging for which we are the end user is monitored and where ever possible recycled. We are committed to making sure that any packaging is wisely recycled and as a consequence reduce our consumption.

We have been BSI accredited with ISO 14001 (Environmental Operating Standard). This accreditation means that we have implemented and maintained an environmental performance; it also means that we have demonstrated compliance with our own environmental policy and with laws and regulations.

Packaging Responsibilities

At Beeswift we are members of a packaging compliancy scheme. This not only monitors the waste packaging that we produce but also advises us on how we can be more efficient. By reducing our packaging we can transport our products more efficiently reducing fuel and in turn our carbon footprint.


At Beeswift we work hard to ensure that we fulfil our responsibilities, doing this has lead to us being accredited with certifications: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; and OHSAS 18001.

ISO 9001 Quality Management:

This accreditation means that we meet the needs of the customers whilst also meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements relating to the product. To be accredited with this we have shown that we have a quality policy that is understood by all employees and make decisions about the quality system based on recorded data. We also have regular reviews, audits, meetings, and evaluations.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management:

This certification means that we have implemented and maintained an environmental performance; it also means that we have demonstrated compliance with our own environmental policy and with laws and regulations. In addition, we demonstrate that our environmental impact is being monitored and improved.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management:

By being awarded this we have demonstrated that we have an Occupational Health and Safety policy that has been communicated to all members of staff. Within the company there is responsibility and accountability that is clear and within the management structure. To be sure of this we use checks and audits, recording the data, to be reviewed at management and main board level.